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Getting my craft on with Annie Sloan

My local high street is nicely full of makers and creatives. It’s not packed full like a North London high street, but it’s got some particular places that I’m so in love with and the Sheldon Paint shop has always been a firm favourite of mine. 

My Mum very kindly bought me a painting lesson with her, for us both to learn about how to use Annie Sloan paint in the hope that we could get together and paint the knackered old table that’s lived in her conservatory for the last 30 years! 


4 years on...

Today is a HUGE milestone for me & the team at Taylor'd Bundles. So much has happened and changed over the years, I thought I would share some of my learnings so far, what the future holds, what makes me proud and why I’m still massively motivated to make people smile. 

Introducing 'The Doubters'. I don't normally like to write about negative experiences, however this particular encounter was a great learning for me.


The French Bedroom Company - c'est incroyable

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a product shoot at The French Bedroom Company in Haywards Heath.

If you're already aware of this dreamy location, you will fully appreciate why I had to write about my time there. For those of you who haven't been there before now, read on to find out why in my opinion, it's one of the best places to shoot a luxury & high end campaign.