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Taylor'd Bundles was founded in 2014 from an idea that Caz had when she struggled to find thoughtful and clever client gifts. Since leaving her 9-5, she has single-handidly grown her gifting service from selling bespoke baby gifts to friends and family, to becoming an award winning gifting service that offers bespoke and conceptual gift ideas to customers as well as well-known global brands.  

Caz Taylor – Owner, Founder & Curator of Taylor'd Bundles

Even now that I spend my days in the world of gifts, I still love sending them and – if I’m honest – I love receiving them. Who doesn’t?

The gifts which show that bit of thought and understanding about what’s happening in my life get me every time. Like the box of blue cheese which a friend sent to me when I most needed reassurance (‘These are the only blues I want you to have, the message read), or the brilliantly designed leaving card my colleagues gave me after 15 years of working in marketing.

I’m always on the lookout for ideas for people too. When I see something which I know will bring a wry smile, a warm glow or a comforting ‘I’m here for you’, I can’t help buying it. Then, hard as it is to keep a secret, I’ll wait until just the right moment to give it. It’s such a pleasure to watch as a celebratory present gets opened or to find out from afar that my mindful gift made someone’s day that little bit better. In fact, I can almost hear the swoosh of unwrapped tissue paper as I type.

The best gifts aren’t the biggest, the most expensive or the ones which arrive right on time. They can be the unexpected, or when the words just aren’t there. It's this thinking that is the basis of my award winning gifting service; Taylor'd Bundles as it really is the thought that does count. 

Life is varied, though, and we - and our clients - want to reflect that which is why we provide gifting advice, concepts and services as well as physical gifts for a broad range of occasions such as new baby and maternity, celebrations, ‘just because’, and a limited edition collection of ‘support and encouragement’ ranges for women, men and children.

Taylor’d Bundles is also incredibly fortunate to be supported by talented and creative people who help keep the branding and website looking top notch: Nic, Dean, Joe, Ben, Sarah, Sean, Ruthie, Claire, Claire, Em, James, Gini, Lorna, Nicola, Mum, Dad, Mike and Nina - thank you for all you do for Taylor'd Bundles - mwah! 

Finally, if you’d like to find out more about how you could join our small but mighty Taylor’d Bundles creative family, please get in touch at